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7 Best Companies Who Provide Custom Keychains In The USA


February 02, 2024

Certain things never go out of fashion, and keychains are among those. And, what if your keychain has sentimental value because a cherished friend gifted it, or it bears the logo of a top-notch brand? It would have a special meaning in addition to its functional purpose.

Cool, right?

But there’s some effort to that.

If you want a keychain that sends your message right into your friend’s heart or consistently reminds your customers of the uniqueness of your brand, you must go for the best custom keychain provider.

The best custom keychain providers in the US have these features:

  • Multiple customization options: They offer options like photo keychains for capturing memories, logo keychains for brand promotion and marketing, catchphrases, and a range of designs and materials to choose from.

  • Favorable time frames: They have a fast turnaround time for production and shipping to international destinations.

  • Competitive prices: Their price offers have a decreasing cost per item with large orders.

  • Customer benefits and support: They offer benefits like discounts on first orders, free shipping to multiple destinations, free artwork and design service, and free online proofs with multiple revisions.

  • Customer-friendly policies: They guarantee 100% money-back and have no minimum limit on orders.

We took the time to research and give you details about the best companies that provide custom keychains in the USA. So, whatever your specifications, your preferred custom keychain provider is definitely on this list.



You probably know Vivipins for their pin products. But the company has also made a name for itself for the wide range of quality and durable keychains made for its numerous customers.

You can choose between picking an existing design from their ready-made options or providing your own design for custom keychains.

What’s more, you are spoilt for choice with custom keychain types. You get to choose from one of these types:

  • Acrylic

  • Custom photo

  • Catchphrase

  • Engraved

  • Metal

  • Logo

  • Car

  • Challenge coins

  • Embroidered, or

  • Rubber keychains.

And there’s even better news!

Once you pick or send your custom design, you get a mockup in 12 hours, so you can decide whether to proceed or ask for a few tweaks before production.

Other Key Details

  • Ideal use cases: Custom gifts, brand marketing, events, collectibles, or to track your keys.

  • Time frames: Free delivery in 10 or fewer days, even for rush orders.

  • Pricing: Guaranteed budget pricing. You save 30% or more, and it gets cheaper with large orders.

Why choose Vivipins:

  • Design flexibility, including free design assistance and as many modifications as needed.

  • 100% money back if unsatisfied.

  • Fast turnaround for both samples and end product deliveries.

Why you might not choose Vivipins:

  • Possible delivery delays, going by customer reviews.

Make your inquiries or orders by phone (+1 304-900-0055), email ([email protected]), contact us page or visit them at 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651, USA.



Key chains are one of the many custom products you can order from Everlighten. With their commitment to corporate and social responsibility, the company uses only eco-friendly materials.

You get several free services with your order, including free designing, photography, packaging, and shipping.

Plus, the keychains can be shipped to multiple destinations at your request, with real-time tracking details for every shipment.

And with their factory-direct pricing, you are assured of incredibly low pricing without middleman inflations.

Other Key Details

  • Ideal use cases: Brand marketing for globally renowned products, sports teams, celebrities, startups, nonprofits, and individual specifications.

  • Time frames: 17-21 days for the entire process: sample creation, production, and shipping.

  • Cost: Depends on keychain type (embroidered, metal, or PVC), size, color, and design. The price decreases with increased quantity. You can find a complete table of prices for single or multiple custom keychain orders on their webpage (linked above).

Why choose Everlighten:

  • No minimum order on quantity.

  • Plenty of free services.

  • Refine the sample as many times as required before production.

  • A one-business-day refund for unsatisfactory deliveries.

  • 24/7 customer support.

  • A whole range of contented customers, going by displayed customer emails.

Why you might not choose Everlighten:

  • The three custom keychain types can be limiting for some customers.

You can request a quote straight from the company website, call them at (888) 445-1402, email [email protected], or visit them at 22 Shelter Rock Danbury, CT 06810.



Not every marketplace gives you the liberty to create your desired product and customize it to your liking right on their website. Zazzle does!

By simply visiting their website, you can use their user-friendly design tool to create a unique custom keychain for yourself in these steps:

  1. Filter available keychain options using your own preferences, such as price range, keychain shape, style, or material.

  2. Select a blank keychain template from an independent manufacturer.

  3. Upload and add your design and/or text, or choose one from participating companies.

  4. Refine your keychain design until you are satisfied with it.

  5. Click “done” to save your custom keychain creation and upload it to the corresponding product category on the marketplace.

  6. Order your self-created custom keychain and wait for shipment and delivery.

Other Key Details

  • Ideal use cases: Keepsake gifts, photo keychains, logo keychains, QR code keychains, and “In Loving Memory” keychains.

  • Time frames: Production can take 2-7 business days, depending on the quantity. Shipping time varies by method and other shipping options.

  • Cost: Choose your price range when customizing your preferred keychain.

Why choose Zazzle:

  • Create your own custom keychain design or personalize existing designs.

  • Choose templates from a wide variety of styles and materials.

Why you might not choose Zazzle:

  • Buyers without the tech skills to customize their own keychains may feel left out.

You can get help to customize your keychain on the Zazzle Help Center using their email, live chat on the website, or a range of phone numbers listed on their site.



When you get on the Stickermule custom keychain page, the “select a size” and “select a quantity” box is the first thing you’ll notice.

Choosing the size and quantity determines how much you pay and how much discount you get. You then click the “Continue” button to choose the design and art for your custom keychain.

That also comes with options.

You can upload your artwork and let Stickermule designers create quality custom keychains printed in full color and your preferred shape. You could also choose a design from their free templates and customize it to your desire in an instant.

And all that in a quick turnaround of 4 days.

Other Key Details

  • Ideal use cases: Promotional keychains, logo keychains, photo keychains, and event keychains.

  • Time frames: Production takes 4 days. You can estimate the delivery time with the “estimate your delivery” tool on their webpage (linked above).

  • Cost: Choose your price range by size and quantity before ordering.

Why choose Stickermule:

  • Free worldwide shipping.

  • Free online proof with as many revisions as needed to give you what you want.

  • Lightweight keychains.

Why you might not choose Stickermule:

  • Some customer reviews report poor quality and durability of the acrylic clear snap closure.

  • There’s a 10-keychain minimum order for $9.

You can make orders or seek information on Stickermule custom keychains by email on their Contact Us page.



GS-JJ is a big brand name when it comes to custom keychains. With a wide range of keychain materials and designs to choose from, any business will find the right marketing custom keychain for their brand at extremely low prices.

You can customize your keychain by uploading a photo or artwork or choosing design templates with the free design tool. In both cases, the professional designers will help you refine your design for free until you are happy with your choice.

And, with their premium personalized keychain service, you can enhance your custom keychain appeal with special features like 3D styles, glitter colors, or spinners.

Other Key Details

  • Ideal use cases: Promotional products, home, car, or business events.

  • Time frames: Production and delivery time depend on keychain size and location. You’ll receive an estimated delivery time upon order approval. All deliveries are free.

  • Cost: Depends on the type of keychain. PVC custom keychains start at $0.68, while advertising push pop stress reliever custom keychains start at $2.14 per piece. You get a 10% discount on your first order.

Why choose GS-JJ:

  • Top-notch custom keychains from superior material quality.

  • Free artwork assistance and worldwide shipping.

  • Over 1000 designs to choose from.

  • A wide range of keychain categories, PVC, leather, metal, wood, acrylic, embroidered, photo, etc.

Why you might not choose GS-JJ:

  • There’s a minimum order quantity depending on your keychain choice.

You can talk to the GS-JJ customer support team through live chat, email ([email protected]), or phone (1-866-573-4920).



Budgetkeychains is a North California company supplying custom keychains to customers in all US states and Canada. Their vast keychain collection includes products from eco-friendly materials, plastic, metal, leather, carabiners, and bottle openers.

You can opt between simple or enhanced designs and choose from a selection of popular design features such as flashlights, tape measures, thermometers, compasses, and many others.

The design and artwork can be provided by you and refined by the in-house designers in constant communication with you. Alternatively, you can choose among existing templates and customize them to your liking.

Other Key Details

  • Ideal use cases: Promotional keychains customized to customer preferences and buying trends, employee, family, and friend gifts.

  • Time frames: 2 -7 days for production and 2-4 days for shipping, depending on quantity, printing method, and delivery location.

  • Cost: Depends on the type of keychain and reduces with increased quantity. For example, you pay $1.09 per piece for 100-249 pieces and $0.44 per piece for a 25,000+ order of acrylic keychains.

Why choose Budgetkeychains:

  • Free artwork assistance and online proof.

  • Fast turnaround time.

  • No payments before order approval.

Why you might not choose Budgetkeychains:

  • Ships only to the US and Canada.

  • There’s a minimum order limit for each item.

You can contact Budgetkeychains at 855-539-8247 or email them at [email protected].


Monterey Company

The Monterey Company is a Bend, Oregon-based company that creates custom keychains from PVC, rubber, leather, metal, and acrylic. The PVC custom keychains are especially a big hit for promotional custom keychains.

In-house designers welcome your interest in making keychain orders and listen to your specifications to create a perfect custom keychain design for you.

You can go for unique colors, popular shapes like bottle openers, 3D styles for your company logo, or photorealistic designs from your own or the company’s collection.

Other Key Details

  • Ideal use cases: Promotional keychains, luggage and backpack clips, home and office keys.

  • Time frames: Production takes 10-14 working days, exclusive of shipping time. You can request rush orders with speedy shipping.

  • Cost: Depends on keychain size, color combination, and whether it’s a 2D or 3D form. Pricing factors in a one-time charge for the mold, not included for repeat orders.

Why choose the Monterey Company

  • Free design and artwork proofs with unlimited revisions.

  • International shipping with the possibility of split orders to multiple locations.

  • Keychain designs can be double-sided, the same, or different on either side.

Why you might not choose the Monterey Company

  • Production and shipping time can be long.

You can call the Monterey company at 877 290-9290, email them at [email protected], or fill out their “Request a Free Quote” form.


Final Thoughts

Custom keychains are a great way to promote your brand through customers and employees or send a lasting, heartfelt message to family and friends.

To achieve their goal, custom keychains should be made by renowned companies with the best reputation and experience and a wide range of options to choose from.

We gave you seven of the best companies that provide custom keychains in the USA. But don’t just trust our word for it. Talk to these custom keychain experts and get your order delivered on time and with utmost quality precision.

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